Drawing your Bow!

Part I. An iconographical survey of bows
for the violin family

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Caravaggio: Renaissance violin bow

Caravaggio: violin bow from the end of the 16th. Century

Paolo Veronese: a very straight Renaissance bow

Martinelli: viola da gamba bow Matinelli: violoncello bow

Martinelli: three long and straight bows

Zampieri: The Concert

Claesz: violoncello bow

Veracini: long Italian sonata bow

Veracini: ca. 1740 long straight Italian sonata bow
Note also the high head. The bow is held at the frog, as common today.

Honthorst, 17th. c.


Munari: These two bows are very similar to the original Montagnana bow in the collection

(Text and many photos will be supplied at a later date)

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