Violone in G
Viola da gamba in G
Great bass viola da gamba
Milano School, 18th C.

Hector Castillo Viola da gamba Violone in G, Anonymus, German 18th C.
At present this violone is on permanent loan to Hector Castillo,
Madrid, Spain, who performs regularly with Orpheon.

viola da gamba violone
Viola da gamba Violone

Violone: Orlando di Lasso
Bavarian Court Chapel, late 16th C.

Violone: Lastman, early 17th C.
Viola da gamba Violone Pier Francesco Mola 1612-1666 viola da gamba violone in G

Violone: Pier Francesco Mola 1612-1666

Braunschweig: ca. 1635

Body length 940 mm
Upper width 420 mm
Middle width 314 mm
Lower width 553 mm
Rib height 180 mm
String length 970 mm

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