Violin by Leopold Widhalm
Nürnberg, ca 1780

Violin Leopold Widhalm, Nurnberg, ca 1780 
Violin Leopold Widhalm, Nurnberg, ca 1780

Leopold Widhalm (1722-1776) was a native of Vienna, but settled in 1745 Nürnberg, where he remained the rest of his life. This violin is particularly good condition, retaining most of its red varnish, quite rare for these violins.

Dendrochronological analysis

(Dendrochronology is the science of dating objects made out of wood by measuring the year rings in the wood used in the object's construction and comparing the results to data banks collected for this purpose. This methods establishes with reasonable certainty a date before which the instrument could not have been made. Most violin makers use woods which have been aged for about five to ten years.)

Bericht über die dendrochronologische Untersuchung einer
Violindecke von Widhalm, Leopold (?), Privatbesitz Prof. Vázquez

Bei der zweiteiligen Decke wurden auf der Diskantseite 72 Jahrringe und auf der Bassseite 69 Jahrringe gemessen. Eine Datierung ist zur Zeit nicht möglich. Beide Seiten der Decke stammen aus demselben Baum.

i. A. Micha Beuting

Dr. Peter Klein
Ordinariat für Holzbiologie
Universität Hamburg

Report on the dendrochronological analysis of a
violin top by Widhalm, Leopold (?), Private property of Prof. Väzquez

On the two-part front were measured 72 annular-rings on the treble side, 69 rings on the bass side . A dating is not possible at this point. Both sides came from the same tree.

Micha Beuting, on behalf of

Prof. Dr. Peter Klein
Ordinariat für Holzbiologie
Universität Hamburg

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Body length 347 mm
Upper width 167 mm
Middle width 108 mm
Lower width 205 mm
Rib height   33 mm
String length 326 mm

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