Johann Georg Thir
Vienna, 17--

Violin Johann Georg Thir (Vienna, 17--)

Johann Georg Thir (ca. 1710-1779), a native of Füssen in Allgäu, is judged to be the finest violin maker in the Vienna of the 18th C. His excellent work are in no way inferior to that of his Italian contemporaries. The collection has a violin, a viola, a violoncello and a trully magnificent five-string bass by J. G. Thir. His brother, Matthias Thir, also an excellent luthier, made a violin and a viola in original condition in our collection.

Because of its tone, this violin is often entrusted with the solo parts of concerti grossi. Here at a recent concert at the Castle of Kremsegg, Austria, in the hands of Wang-yu Ko, June, 2008:

Orpheon Orchestra, Wang-yu Ko

Orpheon Orchestra, Wang-yu Ko

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Dendrochronology: bass: 1716-1590
treble: 1721-1630

Body length  355 mm
Upper width 164 mm
Middle width 109 mm
Lower width 191 mm
Rib height 32 mm
String length  mm

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