Violin by Johann Jais
Bozen, 1774

violin by Johann Jais, Bolzano, 1774  violin by Johann Jais, Bolzano, 1774

violin by Johann Jais, Bolzano, 1774

violin by Johann Jais, Bolzano, 1774

Label: Joannes Jais me fecit / Bulsani in Tyroli 1776
Source: Kagan & Gaines, Chicago

Like Mathias Albanus, Johann Jais (1752-1781) worked in Bozen, a Tyrolean town on the southern slopes of the Alps in present-day Italy. His work shows many of the characteristics of the Tyrolean School, which at this point was also very much under the influence of the Italians. Typical for this school is the very carefull selection of the woods: beautiful hazel spruce for the belly and bird's eye maple for the back and ribs.

Wie Mathias Albanus arbeitete Johann Jais (1752-1781) in Bozen. Sein Schaffen weist viele Charakteristiken der Tiroler Schule auf, die zu diesem Zeitpunkt auch den Einfluß der Italiener nicht leugnen kann. Typisch für diese Schule ist auch die sorgfältige Wahl des Klangholzes: Haselfichte für die Decke, Vogelaugenahorn für den Boden.

This Johann Jais violin has found an admirer and a wonderfully gifted playing partner in the person of Jivka Kaltcheva, a young Bulgrian virtuoso now living in Belgium and performing with many different ensembles all over Europe: she has exclusive use of the instrument. Jivka is married to the Belgian harpsichordist, David van Bouwel, who has already performed with Orpheon on several projects.

Body length   363 mm
Upper width   171 mm
Middle width   108 mm
Lower width   205 mm
Rib height   30 mm
String length   333 mm

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