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Look where we will be this year: Santa Eulalia



Masterclasses, Chamber Music,
Course in Performance Practice
September 1-13, 2008

JOSE VAZQUEZ - violín barroco, viola da gamba, música de cámara
LUCIA KROMMER - violoncello, viola da gamba, música de cámara
GERD UWE KLEIN - violín barroco, orquesta barroca
SYLVIA DIERIG - violín barroco, música de cámara
AARON ZAPICO - clavecín, órgano, música de cámara

For information, concact: orpheon (at)
Tel. +43-650-400 3731

This is the fifth edition of this course, which takes place every year in early autumn, concentrating on chamber music of the Renaissance and the Baroque for strings, violas da gamba, flutes, singers, keyboard players, tailored for professionals and amateurs alike!

Course fee: € 350 (Scholarships are available: ask for details) (Hay becas: infórmense)
Accomodation: At the Hotel Sarota, Santa Eulalia, at phenomenally low prices for our participants:
Euro 20 per person per day with breakfast!

Es Vedrà

Concerts for the Festival Eivissa Classica

Catedral de Ibiza

Iglesia de San Jesus
with the Altarpiece from 1500 with musical instruments!

Curso de Música Antigua

Serious reflexions

Poised for the up-beat

Per cantar e suonar...

Polifonía Española del S. XVI

Culinary indulgences


Consumers of Paella

Lunch in the courtyard of the cloister

Walls of the old city

Midnight: Nightwanderers in the old part of the city

Excursion to one of the many beaches

Mental practice of a course participant on the shore of the island

Student Concerts

Georg Muffat: Concerto grosso

Luxuriant basso continuo for a trio sonata

They started viola da gamba and traverse flute during the course!

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: Mensa sonora

Telemann: Paris quartett

Issuing of the certificates after the last student concert

One can guess what happens after the concerts...after all, we are in Ibiza!

Midnight: the port, seen from the castle

The Ibiza Experience:
A very pleasant way of learning performance practice of historical music!

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