Music for a Prince
OCTOBER 19, 2010


Johann Nicolai: Sonate in a-minor
Georg Ph. Telemann: Sonata in a-minor
Marin Marais: Suite in G-major

 Joseph Haydn: Divertimento in D-major
Andreas Lidl: Divertimento in G-major
Joseph Haydn: Divertimento in A-major

Kinga Krommer – flauto traverso
Christian Kausel – viola
Lúcia Krommer – viola da gamba
Kunihiro Mimura – viola da gamba
José Vázquez – baryton, viola da gamba, violino, director
Donat Deaky – clavicembalo / organo
Ewald Donhoffer - clavicembalo



Violino di Nicolò Amati (Cremona, 1669)
Violino di Giuseppe Gaffino (Paris, 1743)
Viola da gamba basso di Jakob Stainer (Absam, 1671)
Viola da gamba basso di Michael Albanus (Graz, 1706)
Viola da gamba basso, tedesca, ca. 1770
Cembalo copia  di Jan Ruckers (1628) by W. Horn, organo di W. Chinaglia

For those wishing to attend the concerts, the course or the exhibition there are special arrangements with the local hotels for very low room prices (€ 25 / 45 / 50). Ask us for further information.

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