Who are the musicians, who are allowed to perform
on the instruments of the collection?

Not everybody is allowed to use our instruments.

Many of the instruments are in continuous use by the members of the Orpheon Consort or Baroque Orchestra in the concerts, recordings and exhibitions ocurring routinely throughout the year. In some rare cases, a professional musician or a student of singular merit receives one or more instruments from the collection for his exclusive use on a permanent basis: he is allowed to keep the instrument throughout his professional carreer. More typically, a musicians solicits an instrument for a particular project, a recording or an audition, after completion of which the instrument returns to the collection.

On the following pages some of the musicians have been portrayed with "their" instrument:


Bass viola da gamba I by John Pringle

Bass viola da gamba II by John Pringle

Bass viola da gamba by John Pringle

Two Lyra-viols after John Rose
Bass viol by Simone Zopf
Bass viol by Petr Vavrous

Ferdinand Jaura after Simon Schodler, 1782

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